Herbal Soaps

Patchouli Sandalwood

Capturing the nature-loving and wilderness-worshiping souls in all of us, this classic scent is warm, rich and earthy.  Sandalwood and patchouli are combined to create a unique herbal and spicy blend.  Price: $6.00



Our rosemary soap is made with real rosemary botanicals (to assist in exfoliation) and essential oils.  This soap will remind you of a quiet afternoon spent roaming the herb garden. Price: $6.00

Lemon Verbena

The perfect match of citrus and floral, this clean lemon scent comes from the essential oil of  lemon verbena, a classic European favorite. For centuries, lemon verbena has been grown for use in perfumes and toiletries.  Our soap carries on that tradition with a fresh, herbal twist! Price: $6.00

Lemongrass Sage

An accord of Thai lemongrass perfectly balanced with soft touches of herbal sage flowers, nuances of white musk, and tones of crisp ozone.  This unlikely combination creates a soothing, spa-like soap that is popular all year round. Price: $6.00

Lavender Vanilla

A play on the classics!  This amazing blend of fresh lavender and silky vanilla combines our two favorite fragrances to create one simply wonderful soap. Price: $6.00

Tassi Lavender

The rare Tasmanian lavender fragrance oil, or “Tassi lavender,” has an uplifting lavender scent with a light, woodsy undertone.  This unique herbal fragrance is perfect for calming the mind and soothing away the tensions of the day.  Price: $6.00

Lavender Botanical

An herb-lovers dream! Our lavender botanical soap is a blend of dried lavender buds, and essential oils of lavender, ylang ylang, and bergamot. This soap will leave the skin with the enchanting scent of fresh lavender. Price: $6.00


This refreshing fragrance is a classic. Created from a combination of the essential oils of lavender, ylang ylang, and bergamot, our lavender soap is always a hit. We just can’t perfect something that is virtually perfect. Price: $6.00