Fun Soaps

Pomegranate Mango

Pomegranate Mango combines two tropical fruit scents into one delectable soap.  A perfect touch of sweetness to calm your mind; a punch of fruity kick to energize your spirit. Price: $6.00

Mocha Java

You don’t need your morning coffee when you wake up with this yummy soap!  A special blend of coffee fragrances with a touch of cocoa powder for a rich, chocolaty undertone make this blend something to savor. Price: $6.00


This fresh honey scent will have you buzzing like a bee!  The sweet honey mixed with wholesome oatmeal in this bar soothes your senses and your skin. Price: $6.00


A tribute to the annual watermelon festival in nearby Hope, Arkansas, this soap is a winner for the summer season.  Our special fruity blend is just as sweet and moisturizing as a big slice of fresh watermelon! Price: $6.00

Pink Grapefruit

Pink Grapefruit is a luscious and fun favorite.  The fresh and juicy scent of grapefruit will have you dreaming of the tropics. French red clay is added to the mixture to give this bar a special pink tint! Price: $6.00

Sweet Earth

Patchouli–an earthy, exotic, and mossy scent–is balanced with lavender essential oil and vanilla.  The result?  A soap that smells like our sweet Earth. Price: $6.00


A sweet and tangy scent-sation dripping with juicy fruit fragrance.  This bright, tart scent matched with a finish of sweet sugar creates a mouth-watering and enticing fragrance everyone will love. Price: $6.00

Peppermint Twist

A light blend of peppermint and spearmint, one whiff of this soap is sure to awaken your senses. It will leave you feeling tingly clean and irresistibly refreshed, ready to tackle the day. Price: $6.00

Mango Magic

Tropical sunsets. Warm, sandy beaches. Indulgence and relaxation. Our mango magic soap will carry you to the tropics with its exotic scent and luscious lather. Price: $6.00

Vanilla Fudge

Now you can escape from the world with luscious vanilla fudge and zero calories! Our soft, moisturizing soap is scented with the rich fragrance of yummy vanilla fudge–indulge without worrying about your waistline. Price: $6.00