Like most good things, Erwin Soap Company started with an inkling of curiosity and a dash of daring. In 1995, the founder, LuGene Erwin, was working at a historic museum village when she came across a little piece of paper stashed in the very back of a file cabinet. It just so happened to be a recipe for old-fashioned, homemade soap. Harnessing her pioneer spirit, LuGene decided to give it a try.

The recipe seemed simple enough: lard and lye in a cast-iron pot over a wood-burning fire. LuGene and her husband, Bob, tried over and over again to mix up the perfect batch. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.

Twelve years after the fateful recipe was discovered, Bob and LuGene were still making soap. Of course, they weren’t using the lard or the cast-iron pot anymore. Their methods and recipes had evolved right along with their passion for the art of soap-making.  It was then that they decided to purchase a thriving soap-making business from a family member.  They re-named it “Erwin Soap Company” and began sharing their hobby with the world.

Read more about how the soaps and products at Erwin Soap Company are made.

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